The 1st Editorial Board Meeting (domestic) of Ultrafast Science is Held in Xi'an

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Release Date: 2020-12-17 Visited: 


To discuss the development of the new Science Partner Journal Ultrafast Science, and effected by the epidemic, International experts could not be present, therefore, the first editorial board meeting (domestic) was held on December 12, 2020 in Xi’an.


Editorial board members from all over the country discussed and made constructive comments on issues such as journal quality, contribution source, development direction, responsibilities and obligations of the member, diversity of the editorial board international and research field. Nineteen renowned domestic experts in the ultrafast science research field gave excellent sharing.


“Thanks for your effort, with the joint efforts of the editorial board, Ultrafast Science will rapidly develop into an international high-level journal and build a platform for international academic development in this field.” Prof. ZHAO Wei said in the opening speech.


GUO Juan, Chief Managing Editor Director of Ultrafast Science, introduced the XIOPM’s development history, reported the preparatory work and existing problems. FU Yuxi, associate editor and Chief Managing Editor of Ultrafast Science, detailed the construction of the editorial board and the publication planning for 2021.


Professor XIE Xiaoping, deputy director of XIOPM, said: “Ultrafast Science aims at high-level international journal. For this purpose, all the editorial board members should contribute their great ideas and make joint efforts who are playing an academic guidance role. Editors should strengthen their ability in running periodical. As the sponsor, XIOPM will also fully support the development of this journal”


Prof. WEI Zhiyi, executive chief editor, said:” Paying attention to academic conferences is a good way to increase visibility. But while increasing the intensity of soliciting manuscripts, we should also strictly review the manuscripts.”


Finally, ZHAO Wei, one of the Editor-in-Chief summarized the meeting, he said that the heated discussion provided valuable comments and suggestions for establishing periodical. It has been an ambition for many years to establish a high-level English journal, and we believe that with the support of the editorial board, Ultrafast Science will become a top journal in this field.

The editorial board (domestic) of Ultrafast Science. (Image by XIOPM)

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Release Date: 2020-12-17 Visited: